Packshot/Product Photography

My packshot product photographic images are usually taken on a white, black or grey background for use in editorials, e-commerce sites and promotional material.  I provide images suitable for web use or ones that are print/reproduction ready. With the competitive prices of my packshot images, starting at as little as £5.00 each, the more products you photograph the cheaper it gets. By outsourcing your pack photography services to me, you not only save yourself money, you release valuable staff time to do the work for which they are trained and paid. You also take advantage of my specialist lighting and photographic equipment along with my post-production services. This will produce the highest quality images showing off your products to their best.

Creative Product Photography

Images can be also be taken in a more creative way with selected or more natural backgrounds to meet the clients requirements. This ‘creative’ option is more time consuming and prices are quoted on a job by job basis.  This time will include both photography and post production work.

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